Welcome to the ISCA Interview Skill Coaching method

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The most competitive colleges rely on interviews and essays to differentiate between applicants with acceptable transcripts.  Your coach spells out their process helping you to prepare your content and the techniques to ensure you can communicate it memorably.  Included: detailed notes and homework assignments to guide your research and hone your analysis of your own past accomplishments.  This work also prepares you to maximize your tours, and provides material for essays.


Official visits for recruited athletes and special scholarship programs provide extended interview opportunities to stand out if you’re prepared, or trip up, if you’re not. Your coach will prepare you to make the most of these opportunities. 



A strong middle school report card is a given in this competitive field.  Learning to interview well at this stage of the game is critical to your application.  This is the single most specific opportunity to impress your future school with your maturity, personal preparation, and successful habits.  Mastering these interview techniques now, will help you get accepted, and set you up to interview well for college and career. 


Your coach has conducted hundreds of prep school interviews and thus he can help you prepare and rehearse so that the actual interview seems easy.  We will review your past experiences both extra-curricular and throughout middle school to find which of your achievements are most predictive of your success in high school.  Then we will polish your ability to present this story with poise. 


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POST graduate

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Whether you are preparing for an internship, graduate school interviews or that initial first job, your coach will guide you through the process of perfecting your personal success story and determining the criteria used by the decision makers to bring you on board. Today corporations and graduate schools are using hybrids of demonstrations and interviews to both accomplish their workload and to make hiring or internship selections.  The inherent traps and the techniques to avoid being exploited are explained so that advancing to the next step is maximized. 


Your specific situation will dictate the types of rehearsal necessary to prepare you for the many types of trials that await.  Job fairs, phone interviews, panels, and demonstrations are all possible steps you might face.  Your coach will work with you to prepare for each of these.  When you are ready, role-plays and critiques will polish your preparations.

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Resumes and Cover letters got you an Interview, but the interview must get you the job.  We begin the career plan by breaking down the structure of job interviews. You will learn when to expect the open-ended question and how to handle it; how to research the selection criteria and match your skill demonstrations; trick questions and strategies for avoiding the traps; and finally how to advance the situation at the end of the interview.


Your individualized training begins with the development of your personal success story and the selection of soft skill evidence mined from your experience.  After working on this material with your coach, individualized role-plays and critiques will perfect your ability to present all of this material naturally and confidently. 


Wherever you are on your journey, we break the process into 3 steps:

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Understand the interview structure and how to use it 



Develop the content you will communicate  



Gain confidence through practice interviews and critique


How much time we spend on each stage, is all up to you and your needs. We provide everything from single sessions, to training packages, to on-going support. While in person sessions are available when practical, most of our of sessions are one hour long and take place via Skype. We'll provide you with important articles to get you going and worksheets to help you brainstorm.

It doesn't need to be scary! Interviewing can be as easy as 1... 2... 3...!