Prepare for Your Dream School

Mark Efinger

Founder & President of ISCA

Mark Efinger, President & Founder of ISCA, Whether you are applying for prep school, college, post-graduate and/or internship opportunities, I'm here to help you succeed and unlock your future potential.   View our video for a better explanation of how we can help you prepare for the next phase of your life. ISCA has been highly successful helping students reach their goals.   

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Interview Training

"Tell me a little bit about yourself".  You need a plan to handle this opportunity adroitly.  It must be true, true to you, and it must ring true to the interviewer.  Click below to see how we can set you up for a successful Interview!

Small Group  "LIVE"
OnLine Classes

To learn is wonderful, but to communicate is powerful! These enrichment courses offer technique, practice and feedback to expand your ability to connect to the world around you.  All classes are redesigned for the actual needs of the 2-5 students.  Click below to see options.